Caleigh Hall



Like most of Project Coyote’s team, Caleigh has had a lifelong love of animals. Her family raised German Shepherds, and her childhood home was always filled with an ever-changing menagerie—dogs, of course, as well as abandoned baby rabbits and opossums, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, chameleons, fish, the random cat, and a horse (who, despite her pleas, lived outside of the house). There were very few “dogless” years in her life—she even smuggled a dog into her college dorm room at the end of her senior year.

Music is another passion of Caleigh’s, and she was fortunate to work in the music business in Nashville for almost a decade following college. After completing her career in music, Caleigh signed on as a polo groom in Nashville—a transition that only whetted her appetite for working with and surrounding herself once again with animals. On moving to Northern California in 1987, Caleigh landed at the Marin Humane Society as an animal control officer—a place and a career for which she still has tremendous respect. Following a family tradition, she left that position to join the legal field as a paralegal, and spent almost three decades surrounded by mountains of paper and people she still loves and respects (hence the three decades).

Finally, Caleigh could no longer resist the siren call of fur and feather, and felt herself running out of time to do work that filled her heart and allowed her to give back to the animals that had given her a lifetime of joy and comfort. At Project Coyote, she is able to immerse herself in the world of America’s Song Dog—a canine she finds more compelling every day. Caleigh’s personal canine touchstone is her beloved companion, Bailey—who every day teaches her about compassion, living in the moment, and true love, and continues to confirm that we must listen better to those who can’t speak for themselves (at least in our language), and that we must share our world more generously.

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