To achieve our mission, Project Coyote partners and collaborates with multiple stakeholders — from wildlife and environmental agencies to ethical businesses and organizations, to artists, scientists, research institutions, cities and county governments. We are also part of several national coalitions advocating for wildlife conservation. Below is a sampling of these partnerships. There are numerous opportunities to partner and support Project Coyote. If you have a proposal or opportunity you’d like to discuss, please contact us.


PacWolf Coalition is an alliance of organizations and individuals working towards a common vision where wolves once again play a positive, meaningful, and sustainable role on the landscape and in our culture. Members of the Pacific Wolf Coalition seek to efficiently and effectively achieve that shared vision while honoring each member organization’s unique values, strengths, and goals. Visit site here.
Northeast Wolf Coalition is a working group of partner organizations, scientific mentors and advisers who collaborate on the critical issues that relate to the return of the wolf to the Northeast. Visit site here.

Lobos of the Southwest is a collaborative effort of concerned citizens and local, regional, and national conservation, scientific and sportsmen’s organizations using the Internet to help save the endangered Mexican gray wolf. Our shared vision is a future in which healthy, viable populations of Mexican gray wolves restore the natural balance to Southwest lands, keep elk and deer herds healthy and restore the natural functioning of entire ecosystems.

Mexican wolves are valued by Southwest residents and visitors as an intrinsic part of our natural heritage and as beautiful, intelligent, wild animals that contribute to our quality of life. Visit site here.

Trap Free New Mexico Coalition is a coalition of conservation and animal welfare groups who oppose the cruel, damaging, and dangerous practice of trapping in New Mexico and who seek to enact a ban on traps on public lands for the sake of public safety and New Mexico’s native wildlife. Visit site here.

Project Coyote is a member of the Nevada Wildlife Alliance, founded by Mark E. Smith and Don Molde, is dedicated to the idea that wildlife management in Nevada must become more democratic in structure and practice. The current arrangement as prescribed by Nevada law gives sportsmen, ranchers and farmers seven of nine votes on the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners Because of this obvious imbalance of representation (resident hunters, trappers and fishermen number about 5% of Nevada’s population), proper democratic stewardship of the public’s wildlife heritage cannot be exercised without bias. Visit site here.




Read more about our Artists for Wild Nature program here.

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