Deb Etheredge



Deb is an award winning creative arts director, originally from Australia, who now calls the Bay Area home. Growing up on a steady diet of David Attenborough documentaries and family camping trips, Deb developed an enduring interest in and appreciation of nature and wildlife. Her husband is a San Francisco native who convinced her to to live in Marin County, where she is fortunate to see native wildlife almost every day. She has been particularly thrilled to see coyotes near downtown San Francisco on more than one occasion.

Striking the balance between art and commerce, Deb possesses an MBA (Marketing) as well as degrees in Graphic Design and Visual Arts. Deb uses her extensive creative skills to assist Project Coyote with branding as well as creating marketing and communications collateral materials. She believes that well considered designs are an asset in educating and motivating a community of supporters.

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