Fauna Tomlinson



A tireless animal advocate, Fauna Tomlinson works non-stop to help coyotes and other misunderstood and maligned wildlife throughout California and beyond. A resident of Tahoe, California and a wildlife rehabilitator, Fauna serves as a Project Coyote Program Associate promoting the organization’s mission through social media and advocacy campaigns aimed at changing laws and policies regarding how predators are treated in North America. Her efforts to bring attention to the cruelties inflicted on wildlife  and to aide in promoting understanding, respect and appreciation for coyotes, wolves, bobcats, foxes and other wildlife is her focus and driving passion.

Fauna has worked with numerous stakeholders and communities in promoting humane solutions to resolve human-wildlife conflicts. In addition to volunteering for Project Coyote, Fauna serves on the advocacy committee of the California Council of Wildlife Rehabilitators. Fauna believes that concerned citizens can speak up and make changes in state and local policies that protect wildlife.

The rural-urban divide over coyote hunting competitions.

by The Range – Coyote Ugly

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