Gina Farr



Gina Farr is a multi-skilled communications artist who is passionate about communicating solutions that support the social and environmental health of our communities. Gina’s ability to connect an audience with a message is both science and art; the result of broad skills, professional experience, and an enthusiastic commitment to her vision of a better world. As a multimedia storyteller, Gina has created rich web resources for our National Parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and grassroots political campaigns. She is the producer of Wild Sound Stories, powerful sensory adventures that are the living stories of our vanishing wilds; and is the host of Conversations, a podcast series featuring personal portraits of local environmental, cultural and wildlife heroes.

Gina brings her considerable skills and talents to Project Coyote from the for-profit world. During her 30 years as a consultant and corporate professional, she co-managed the Corporate Trust Department for the Bank of America; designed products for Charles Schwab and Stanford University; and created the decision model for the development of affordable housing in Sonoma County, CA.

Gina’s passion is for wildlife and wild places. She is an experienced wildlife rehabilitator, is medically trained as a Wilderness First Responder, and is an accomplished audio naturalist. She serves on the board of the Nature Sounds Society, is a sought after public speaker, and trains environmental advocates in effective communications for the Environmental Forum of Marin.

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