Grant McComb



Seventeen-year old Grant McComb is passionate, well spoken and driven toward service to the planet and all its creatures. In 2012 he founded One Planet One Chance (OPOC), which is dedicated to environmental activism and youth education. Currently OPOC is entirely run by young people. As a leader of the youth environmental movement Grant hopes to bring his message not only to the youth of America, but also to youth around the world so that they can collectively have a stronger voice.

McComb produces weekly webisodes for his YouTube channel on environmental and wildlife conservation issues along with potential solutions so that these ideals transcend borders. Early last year he received a certificate in plant based nutrition from Cornell University and continues to study and learn about ways to protect the planet.

To date he has publicly spoken on a variety of environmental issues including the California Fish and Game Commissionís approach to predator management. He is confident that we can bring about systemic change in the way we treat not only predators, but also the entire California environment providing a model for the rest of the nation. Trying to balance advocacy work with a full school load is a challenge, but Grant is dedicated to making this a better world for all: ìIf I donít stand up and say something for my generation who will?î He plans on entering politics with an environmental background and base to bring about changes and aid in the effort to save this planet from those who would destroy it for personal gain or lack of foresight.


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