Judy Paulsen

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Since 1992 Judy Paulsen has been rescuing greyhounds and advocating for an end to their suffering on race tracks and at training farms by working closely with national greyhound protection programs seeking to end dog racing.

She was shocked to learn that retired greyhound racers are often handed off to hunters for chasing and killing rabbits and coyotes. Her efforts to bring attention to this cruel practice have been featured in national media outlets including the New York Times.

Living in New Mexico, Paulsen encounters anti-coyote/predator sentiment and believes that education is critical and policy change is necessary to shift the way coyotes are viewed and treated in the West. She works to promote Project Coyote’s “Coyote Friendly Communities” program and to raise awareness about the important ecological role that coyotes play in maintaining healthy ecosystems. She is also actively involved in efforts to prohibit coyote killing contests in her home state.

Judy’s love for all things canine and her belief that the abuse perpetrated against greyhounds parallels the abuse perpetrated against their wild cousins fuels her passion to make this a better world for all canids- domestic and wild.

In her spare time Judy photographs coyotes and collects and analyzes their scat. Her work in the medical field for 23 years and her love of analytics, scatology, tracking and animal behavior “has created in me an ardent pursuit of facts to help others appreciate the importance in preserving the balance of nature.”

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