Kelly Edwards



Kelly Edwards, a graduate of the University of Colorado, is a graphics designer and a wildlife enthusiast. Born in Durango, Colorado and growing up in Boulder County, Kelly developed a love of the outdoors and a keen interest in native wildlife. As Communications Associate for Project Coyote, Kelly assists with social networking, educational outreach, and graphic design.

Kelly now lives on an 80-acre horse farm with her husband, two dogs, two cats and one horse. They share the farm with a resident pack of coyotes. She sees them often, listens to their songs, and finds co-existence easy by simply supervising her dogs carefully and keeping her cats indoors.

She originally learned about the plight of coyotes in a college course when the professor showed Doug Hawes-Davis’ film “Killing Coyote” that outlined their misdirected wholesale slaughter. Shocked by what she learned, and having been unaware of the war on native wildlife, she became involved with Project Coyote in order to make a difference. Kelly strongly believes in non-lethal coexistence and that education will change not only public misperceptions about coyotes but also their barbaric treatment.

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