Kim Murray Berger


Formerly a research biologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society, Kim joined the Snow Leopard Trust in 2008 as Assistant Director of Science. She specializes in population monitoring, predator-prey interactions, carnivore-livestock conflicts and coexistence, and conservation of wide-ranging species.

Her 2006 paper, Carnivore-Livestock Conflicts: Effects of Subsidized Predator Control and Economic Correlates on the Sheep Industry was part of the basis for a recent petition encouraging the Environmental Protection Agency to ban the use of toxicants for predator control. Kim has done field work in Alaska, Norway, Argentina, Namibia, Mongolia, and Wyoming, and has studied species ranging from caribou, moose, pronghorn, and saiga antelope, to coyotes, wolves, and snow leopards. She completed her PhD at Utah State University where her research focused on the impact of wolves on coyote/pronghorn interactions and pronghorn fawn survival in southern Greater Yellowstone.

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