Leah Sturges



Leah Sturgis, a predator friendly rancher from Nevada, believes strongly in peaceful co-existence between predators and communities. From the insights she gained growing up on an 800 acre ranch in Nevada, Leah has seen the benefits of predator friendly ranching first hand. Over the years she has become a spokeswoman for coexistence between predators and the ranching community. With a background in communications and over 15 years experience in the film and television industry, Leah has extensive experience in the visual arts. She has produced and directed videos, commercials, live television programs, and a feature film. As her awareness grew about the atrocities being done to her local wildlife, Leah’s work as a wildlife advocate intensified which led to her becoming a lobbyist in the Nevada State Legislature.

As Project Coyote’s Nevada Representative, much of her time and efforts are spent working to ban wildlife killing contests and lobbying for end end to trapping and predator management reform. Leah serves on the board of directors for the Nevada Wildlife Alliance, a coalition of wildlife conservation organizations- including Project Coyote- working toward democratizing wildlife management in Nevada.


Podcast: Listen to Leah on The Range, Episode 2: Coyote Ugly about coyote derbies. Cover illustration by James Guthman.

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