Linda Bolon



In 2004, Linda Bolon and her husband moved to Goodyear, AZ from San Jose, CA after 30 years. It was then that she first became involved in coyote related issues when neighbors rallied for removing coyotes from the community resulting from conflicts with pets. As a direct result of these conflicts and lack of community information about coyotes, Bolon founded Wildlife in Neighborhoods. For the past 12 years, the program has successfully reduced conflicts between people, pets and wildlife by providing accessible, useful and consistent information about coyotes and how we can coexist with our wildlife neighbors.

In 2005, Bolon invited Project Coyote Founder and Executive Director Camilla Fox to speak at a community forum in her hometown of Goodyear, AZ about living with coyotes. Since then she has supported Project Coyote both as a member and as a volunteer, championing the organization’s mission of promoting coexistence through education, science and advocacy.

Bolon believes collaboration is key to reducing human-wildlife conflicts; she has established collaborative relationships with several wildlife organizations, Urban Wildlife Specialists within AZ Game & Fish, and members of the city of Goodyear. She partners with the local Pet Companions Club and other community groups to spread a consistent message about compassionate coexistence. She frequently writes for the community newspaper and speaks publicly to raise awareness about the ecological importance of coyotes and how we can live more peacefully with our wild neighbors.

Bolon is working with allies to expose and ban coyote/wildlife killing contests and related events in Arizona through grassroots organizing, collaboration, and media outreach.

Bolon and her husband are avid travelers; she enjoys writing, is a mixed media artist, a golfer and bocce player. She enjoys cooking, reading and has a passion for community outreach in order to raise awareness about coyotes and their importance to the world.

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