Marilyn McGee



Marilyn McGee is passionate about teaching. She has dedicated her life to creating a nurturing environment where elementary school children can learn to appreciate the intrinsic value of all living things.

Her love for the outdoors and all that is wild has also helped Marilyn to develop community outreach programs. These have included programs about red and gray wolf ecology, the positive impact of predators on the landscape, and now, a program on coexisting with coyotes.

One of her most fulfilling accomplishments has been co-authoring and publishing the book, Running for Home. The book tells what happens when the wolf, an indigenous animal, is restored to its native habitat. It was during the research phase of this book that Marilyn learned about the plight of the coyote. Because both animals are so misunderstood and persecuted, she has joined Project Coyote in its efforts to empower people with knowledge, trade truth for myth and teach that coexistence is possible.


Running for Home
by Gail S. McDiarmid (Author), Marilyn S. McGee (Author), Durwood Coffey (Illustrator)


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