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Rick Hopkins is co-owner and Senior Conservation Biologist at Live Oak Associates, Inc. (LOA), an ecological consulting firm based in California. LOA provides public and private clients with science-based solutions to complex natural resource questions. Rick holds a Ph.D. in Wildlands Resource Ecology from University of California, Berkeley and an M.A. in Biology at San Jose State University. His graduate research involved a 12-year study on the spatial ecology of the cougar in the Diablo Range.

While Rick is a broadly trained ecologist with experience with several threatened and endangered wildlife species, he has dedicated the last 35 years to the study of mammalian carnivores. His research and interest with large carnivores has focused on conservation biology; population ecology; spatial ecology, and human/predator conflicts. Rick is currently President of the Board at the non-profit Cougar Fund due to his strong interest in advocating science-based conservation for cougars. He also serves on the board of Conservation Science Partners, an applied research collective whose goals are to provide innovate analytics to solve todays conservation questions.

Rick spends his free time cycling, speed skating, hiking, skiing and generally enjoying all things outdoors.

Podcast: Ecology Hour on KZYX

Ecology Hour on KZYX featuring Keli Hendricks, Rick Hopkins and Don Lipmanson

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