Camilla Fox



Sarah is a freelance video editor, assistant editor and post production consultant working throughout the Bay Area. She studied filmmaking in college, but primarily learned the craft in the field, working under experienced mentors. After completing college in 2006 with a BA focused on creative writing, visual art and filmmaking, Sarah worked for 8 years for director, producer and writer Deborah Koons Garcia, and assisted editor Vivien Hillgrove as post production coordinator on the feature-length documentary directed by Garcia, Symphony of the Soil (2012). In 2013, Sarah started her own business and began freelancing as an editor, assistant editor and post production consultant, and refreshed her skill set with a Post Production Certificate Program at the Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco. Currently Sarah is enjoying editing and assistant editing for several talented filmmakers and teams around the Bay Area on documentary and some commercial projects, focused primarily on the environment, wildlife, social justice, community development and health issues.

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