Shelley Alexander


Shelley is a Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Calgary. She is the Founder and Lead Scientist for the SSHRC funded Foothills Coyote Initiative, which combines in-depth interviews with geospatial analysis to explore local landowner’s experiences with responses to coyotes on rural residential and agricultural lands. Shelley has 25 years of experience studying wild canids, specializing in wolves and coyotes in Canada. She also worked with captive wolves and coyotes in Nova Scotia, is geospatial analyst (GIS, Satellite imagery, and statistics) and a road ecologist.

Previously, Shelley led the Calgary Coyote Project (2005 – 2012), and with her team published several manuscripts on coyote diet in Calgary, urban versus rural diet and parasitism, conflict with people and pets in Calgary and Canada, and media portrayal of coyotes. Shelley spearheaded the on-line, Living with Coyotes (2008-2012) citizen science program in Calgary. That research program remains the most comprehensive contemporary study of urban coyotes in Canada.

Shelley’s other research collaborations include: modeling swift fox critical habitat with the Conservation Science Centre – Calgary Zoo, studying road effects on large carnivores in the Yucatan, MX, and developing species-environment models for painted dogs with Painted Dog Research, Zimbabwe. Shelley was elected to the Board of Directors, Society of Conservation Biology (N. America), and serves on the Science Advisory Board for Project Coyote, USA. She contributes regularly to community through media interviews and varied public presentations. She also enjoys time with her family, two dogs, and is an avid horsewoman.

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