Help Stop Coyote Hunting
Contest in California

Dear Friend of Wildlife,

Please join Project Coyote in calling on the California Department of Fish & Wildlife (Department) and the California Fish & Game Commission (Commission) to stop a coyote hunting contest planned for early February in Modoc County and to conduct a top to bottom evaluation of the state’s approach to managing predators in California.

Specific details about the contest hunt:
What: “Coyote Drive 2013” Coyote Contest Hunt sponsored by the Pit River Rod and Gun Club along with Adin Supply Company
Where: Adin Supply Company, Adin, CA                         
When: Feb. 8-10, 2013     
More info.: http://www.adinsupply.com/coyote%20drive.htm

CoyoteDrive2013Logo1CA Adin CoyoteDrive photo dead coyotes (2)

Project Coyote and partners have sent letters to the various state and federal agencies overseeing public lands in the area to exert whatever authority they may have to limit or stop this event from taking place. We are also calling upon the Department and the Commission to stop this hunt based on the fact that the wolf OR-7 (aka “Journey”) – as well as and any other un-collared gray wolves who may be in the area – are jeopardized by this hunt. There is compelling evidence from many states that wolves are mistaken for coyotes by hunters. Indeed, several state wildlife agencies, including Department, provide information to hunters in an effort to distinguish wolves from coyotes. 

Killing coyotes- or any wild animal- as part of a ‘contest’ ‘tournament’ or ‘drive' is ethically indefensible, ecologically reckless, and contravenes new legislation (AB 2402) that Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law which requires the Fish & Game Commission to use “ecosystem based management” and the best available science in the stewardship of California's wildlife.

What you can do:
  1. Write or email the California Department of Fish & Wildlife Director Charlton H. Bonham and the California Fish & Game Commission and urge them to stop this coyote hunt. See contact information and talking points below.
  2. Sign our petition on Change.org and share this with others.
  3. Attend the California Fish & Game Commission meeting on February 6 and testify during the public comment period (using talking points below).
    What: California Fish & Game Commission meeting
    When: Wed. Feb. 6th @ 8:30 am (public comment period starts at 8:30 sharp so get there early to fill out a speaker card and find a seat)
    Where: Resources Bldg., First Floor Auditorium, 1416 Ninth Street, Sacramento
    More information on the meeting here
Draft letter - please personalize and address to:

Director Charlton H. Bonham
California Department of Fish & Wildlife
1416 Ninth Street, 12th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

California Fish & Game Commission
1416 Ninth Street, Suite 1320
Sacramento, CA 95814
Dear Director Bonham/ Commissioners:
My name is ____________________ and I live in _____________________, California. [Include a one-sentence description of your experience with wildlife]
I am writing to strongly oppose California’s sanctioning of wildlife killing contests – in particular the upcoming “Coyote Drive 2013” scheduled for Feb. 8-10 in Adin. Not only are such contest hunts offensive in their wanton waste of wildlife and disregard for the important ecological role coyotes (and other predators) play in maintaining ecosystem health and species diversity but they also pose a significant threat to the recovery of gray wolves in California. This region is where wolf OR-7 (aka “Journey”) has been known to range. Although Department of Fish and Wildlife staff have expressed their concerns for the safety of OR-7 (and any other un-collared wolves who may roam the area), this contest hunt continues year after year.
It is time that the Department conduct a top-to-bottom evaluation of its approach to managing predators in California, including a review of current scientific literature and of proven practices that are more likely to yield better outcomes for wildlife, other animals and people. Governor Jerry Brown recently signed legislation (AB 2402), which requires the agency to use “ecosystem based management” and the best science in its stewardship of California's wildlife.
Please do everything in your power to stop this coyote huntin contest and use this as an opportunity to move California toward more responsible and ethical wildlife management.
Thank you for taking my concerns into consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State ZIP]


Thank you for taking action for wildlife!

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   Camilla H. Fox 
    Executive Director

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