March 7, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Tamalpais Community Services District
305 Bell Ln
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Carol Buchholz, Parks and Recreation Director

Coyotes—known as North America’s native Song Dog and as God’s Dog by the Navajo—are the most common and persecuted native carnivore in North America. Revered by many Native American tribes as tricksters and creators for their cunning, adaptable ways, coyotes have expanded their range across North America, filling vacant niches left where gray wolves once lived.

Come learn from Project Coyote Ranching with Wildlife Coordinator Keli Hendricks about the remarkable adaptability and resiliency of this successful predator, and the challenges and opportunities coyotes provide to both urban and rural communities. Entertaining and informative, this presentation reveals the fascinating and complex world of Canis latrans—their keen intelligence, amazing resourcefulness, and importance as keystone carnivores in many ecosystems.

Topics include:

  • Coyote ecology & biology, including the role coyotes play in different ecosystems
  • Common causes of negative human-coyote encounters
  • Strategies for reducing negative human-coyote encounters & human-coyote coexistence strategies
  • The value of community-based conservation and approaches to living with coyotes and other urban wildlife issues