Thanks to your support, Project Coyote has produced the final version of our documentary film about wildlife killing contests. I’m excited to update you on our progress and share our next steps with you.

KILLING GAMES ~ Wildlife In The Crosshairs has entered the film festival circuit where we aim to reach audiences across the country with facts and images that expose the hidden world of wildlife killing contests. Now viewers will be informed and empowered to join us in helping to stop this heinous practice across the United States.

KILLING GAMES was made possible by supporters like you and through the efforts of  numerous talented and dedicated individuals. Buttressed by historical accounts and compelling remarks from prominent wildlife scientists, Native American tribal leaders, ranchers, wildlife conservationists and others, our film tells the important story of wildlife killing contests. Friends from the arts helped us set the film’s spoken story against a backdrop of sublime natural scenery and created an original musical score that carries the story along.

Check out our film trailer and new film web page here.

Going forward, we plan to show the film at key film festivals and to the general public with theater screenings in states across the country. At the same time, we will screen the film at wildlife events co-sponsored with partnering organizations to garner greater exposure and to galvanize a grassroots movement to end this cruel bloodsport. You can view the film’s 60-second trailer on YouTube here.

Thank you again for your support of Project Coyote. Our supporters are integral to our efforts to educate the public and effect positive change on behalf of North America’s native carnivores.

For the Wild,

Camilla H. Fox
Executive Director and Founder

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