Two Huge Victories for Bobcats!

Dear Friend of Wildlife, I wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss last week’s email announcement (below) of two recent victories for wildlife that Project Coyote supporters helped make happen. I am pleased to share even more great news for wildlife: Just yesterday...

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The Hidden War on Wildlife Film: Ending Killing Contests

Most Americans are shocked to learn that each year thousands of coyotes, foxes, bobcats, prairie dogs, crows, and even wolves are targeted in “wildlife killing contests” where contestants win prizes and awards for killing the most or largest of a given species. These contests, largely unmonitored by state and federal wildlife agencies, are legal throughout the United States and often occur on our public lands.

To expose this barbaric practice, Project Coyote is producing a film to raise awareness and to inspire action to end this cruel and senseless slaughter of America’s native wildlife.

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From Killing to Coexistence in Nevada

Dear Friend of Wildlife, I want to personally invite you to two free public presentations I am giving in Nevada about coyotes and how we can better coexist with them. Known as North America’s native “Song Dogs”, coyotes are native to Nevada and are important to...

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