Mass coyote kills take heat

Jackson Hole animal advocates are pushing back against coyote-killing derbies they allege are illegally taking place on federal land in Wyoming. Wyoming Untrapped Program Director Kristin Combs argued to the Bureau of Land Management office that coyote derbies that...

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Don’t kill predators, protect and grow habitat

As an outdoor recreation business owner with a brand that is defined by the values and health of our natural places in Colorado, I am deeply disturbed by two proposed studies by Colorado Parks and Wildlife to kill black bears and mountain lions in designated areas to...

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Why coyotes and badgers hunt together

Competition and cooperation aren't mutually exclusive. Just ask a coyote or a badger. Both are crafty carnivores, and since they often hunt the same prey in the same prairies, it would make sense for them to be enemies, or at least to avoid each other.

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