Coyote hunt organizer won’t stage any more events in Oregon

January’s JMK Coyote Hunt near Burns was the last its organizer will put on in Oregon. Duane Freilino, hunt organizer, agreed last month to settle a lawsuit with the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Project Coyote. In the settlement, finalized this month, Freilino, a Burns rancher, agreed to not hold another hunting contest in the state and to pay more than $5,000 in attorney fees for the animal groups.

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Peter Coyote and Camilla Fox

To kick off last fall’s inaugural Marin Conversations series, a North Bay affiliate of San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club, celebrated actor and activist Peter Coyote took the stage at Mill Valley’s Outdoor Art Club with Camilla Fox, founder and executive director of Larkspur-based Project Coyote (where Peter serves on the advisory board).

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