Shifting the way we view and treat carnivores.

Moving from fear to understanding and respect.

Camilla Fox awarded John Muir Conservationist of the Year.

Gala Benefit for Project Coyote with Peter Coyote.

Talks about people and coyotes in the San Francisco bay area.


Misunderstood & maligned to mascot?  

Shifting the way we view and treat carnivores.

From diminished moral standing to ambassador.  


Changing institutionalized attitudes to predators.  

Moving from killing predators to ranching with predators.  

Assessing the impacts of lethal control.  

The ongoing fight for the ASM first resolution.  

The coyote’s biological response to control attempts.  

Are wolves protected as Endangered Species Act in CA?

An agency to resolve human wildlife conflicts.  

Authority exaggerates assumptions, not evidence.  

An agency for killing wild animals?

Just doing the job of killing animals?

Dogs tear animals apart for sport? Warning: Graphic content.


Peter Coyote talks about wildlife killing contests.

New exposé about wildlife killing contests.

A message from Lucy McKay.

A film to raise awareness and to inspire action.

Challenges to conservation; past, present and future

Beneficial or barbaric? Exposing killing contests.

You have a voice. It’s time to use it.  

Effects of indiscriminate reduction of predator population.  

Asking the simplest question? Is there a good reason to kill?

Establish a burden of proof for killing.  

Camilla speaks about wildlife killing contests.

A contest with the aim of killing predators?

An exercise in cruelty?  

Predators have been self-regulating for centuries.

Random and indiscriminate. What drives killing contests?  

First we seek change in California, then the nation.  

Non-selective techniques of property protection.

There is a hidden war on wildlife.


Many Californians want to see the end of wildlife killing contests.

Did you know trapping bobcats has only recently been banned?

The difference between hunting and killing contests.

Do killing contests contradict efforts promoting ethical hunting?

Insight into the commission's decision to ban killing contests.

Does trapping have a place in today's California?

Too soon to delist gray wolves as endangered?

Mono County examines the role of wildlife in their economy.

Inside a commission hearing in Sacramento, CA.

Speaking up to end coyote killing contests.

Mendocino considers non-lethal livestock protection.

Southern California Representative Randi Feilich delivering testimony.


Predator friendly rancher Becky Weed talks about how existence and why predators matter.

Becky Weed explains why adaptability is the name of the game.

A rancher discusses carnivore conservation.

Using guard dogs to deter predators.

Using different guard animals.

Ranching with wildlife.

Becky Weed talks about coexisting with wildlife.

Non-lethal predator control and the ecology of wool.

Can ranchers and predators coexist? A panel discussion.

The future of ranching = new tech + old methods.

Using natural systems to everyone’s benefit.


Free range ranching over running nature.


The most effective guarding animal?


Livestock or wildlife? Making room for both.


A simple way to deter predators.


Ranching with the natural laws of ecosystems.


Wildlife appreciation. A rancher’s perspective.



Collaborative coexistence measures that succeed.

Getting ranchers involved in the naturally functioning ecosystem.  

Scaling up a successful model.  

Can you reduce predation of livestock without killing predators?

Economics. Ethics. Ecology. Bringing them all together.


An ecosystem is a community.

Randi Feilich talks coyote hazing techniques on LA Daily News.

Best practices for co-existence in an urban setting.

View how to haze a coyote.

Our dogs communicate with us and each other. Do coyotes?

Protecting yourself, your community, and the animal from harm.

Calabasas City Spotlight - Coyotes in the City

FOX 11 KTTV interviews Randi Feilich from Project Coyote on coexisting with wildlife.

KABC 7 NEWS. The City of Carson will not trap coyotes featuring Randi Feilich, Project Coyote

Can we learn to coexist with coyotes? Randi Feilich talks about living with coyotes in Southern California on KCET.

Wild canid ecologist Chris Schadler discusses the eastern coyote, and how we can coexist. 


As the dominant species what are our responsibilities to other species?

Going beyond tolerance to acceptance and more.

Looking at more than utilitarian value.

Moving from belief to action.  

Respecting the value of all creatures.  

How to frame the conversation about wildlife.

The only species with true responsibility for their actions.

Matching integrity with values.

Asking questions about our reasons for killing predators.  

The pleasure seeking killing of predators.  

Enduring early views on predators.  

Do the ends justify the means?  

Behavior follows mindset. How beliefs harm animals.  

Wolves as symbolic as our relationship to nature.  

Combination of conservation biological and wildlife ethics.  


Wildlife as a public asset.

The Wildlife Trustee Role of the US Government

Science and democracy. Every citizen has a stake in relating to nature.

Demand accountability. Become an involved citizen.

The challenge to see and appreciate wildlife.  

Preserving public assets or managing resources?  

Is the broad public interest not being heard?

There are many ways to relate to wildlife.

How to define “uses” for future generations.  


Peter Coyote discusses what happens when you remove a predator from an ecosystem and the harm it does to the ecosystem and humans.

Who has the most significant effect?

Some species have a stronger effect on the ecosystem.  

Species that have a great impact.

Depressing the diversity of species.  

Beyond the ecological & scientific value.  

Demonstrated & justifiable purpose for hunting a species.  

The relationships between predators and prey.  

Predators have niche functions in ecosystems.  

The great unknown for other species.  

Paying rent to the tiger.  

What happens to wildlife as our population grows?  

Predators have niche functions in ecosystems.  

Relearning ancient wisdom for moving forward.  

The special role of predators in nature.  

What is missed by focusing on the greater good?  


Why science is important for conservation.  

Using solid science to move from control to coexistence.  

Learning to do what’s right for carnivores.  

An ethicist in collaboration with scientists.  

From control to coexistence.  

Using evidence and science to inform and engage.

Species that have a great impact.

Combination of conservation biological and wildlife ethics.  

Using science for advocacy.

Knowledge for knowledge sake?  


Science has restored the ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park.  

America’s Serengeti.  

The only place where all animals are once again.

Bringing back the full suite of animals.  

Putting wildness back in nature.


Our dogs communicate with us and each other. Do coyotes?

Respecting an indigenous species.  

Coyotes finding a role in the ecosystem.  

The iconic, uniquely American coyote.  

The coyote’s response to the colonization of America.  

Coyotes good for songbirds?  

Increased breeding and litter size responses.  


Commission hears from the future of conservation.

Eradicating predators has been a critical error. How did it happen?

How do youth define the environment and their role in it?

Find where your gifts met the world’s needs.  

Critical education is required for future conservation.  

Engaging youth for the future.  

Having empathy for animals.  

Making a connection with nature.

Keeping it wild in Napa, CA.

a special visit from brooke and sabrina

A Special Visit From Brooke & Sabrina


Peter Coyote is a proud advisory board member of Project Coyote. Discover why Project Coyote exists and what you can do to protect the environment.

Dan Flores, Bestselling Author of "Coyote America", discusses the story of "Coyote America" and why it is important to co-exist with coyotes.

Renown actor, narrator & conservationist Peter Coyote.

Can art help conservation? Ask photographer Jennifer MaHarry.

Virginia Maria Romero: Our connection to the animal world.

Parallels between the UK’s conservation efforts & our own.

Peter Coyote talks about coexistence with wildlife.

Why a famed rocker fights for wildlife.

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