An ecosystem is a community.

Randi Feilich talks coyote hazing techniques on LA Daily News.

Best practices for co-existence in an urban setting.

View how to haze a coyote.

Our dogs communicate with us and each other. Do coyotes?

Protecting yourself, your community, and the animal from harm.

Calabasas City Spotlight - Coyotes in the City

FOX 11 KTTV interviews Randi Feilich from Project Coyote on coexisting with wildlife.

KABC 7 NEWS. The City of Carson will not trap coyotes featuring Randi Feilich, Project Coyote

Can we learn to coexist with coyotes? Randi Feilich talks about living with coyotes in Southern California on KCET.

Wild canid ecologist Chris Schadler discusses the eastern coyote, and how we can coexist. 

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