Predator friendly rancher Becky Weed talks about how existence and why predators matter.

Becky Weed explains why adaptability is the name of the game.

A rancher discusses carnivore conservation.

Using guard dogs to deter predators.

Using different guard animals.

Ranching with wildlife.

Becky Weed talks about coexisting with wildlife.

Non-lethal predator control and the ecology of wool.

Can ranchers and predators coexist? A panel discussion.

The future of ranching = new tech + old methods.

Using natural systems to everyone’s benefit.


Free range ranching over running nature.


The most effective guarding animal?


Livestock or wildlife? Making room for both.


A simple way to deter predators.


Ranching with the natural laws of ecosystems.


Wildlife appreciation. A rancher’s perspective.


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