The Brutality of Coyote & Fox “Penning Exposed

For educational purposes:
“Penning” is a brutal blood-sport which involves sending packs of domestic dogs into a fenced enclosure to chase to exhaustion and often tear apart a captive coyote or fox. Legal in at least 19 Midwestern and Southeastern states, the inherently cruelty and illicit underbelly of this practice is depicted is this video.

Warning: Video includes graphic content intended to illustrate why this abhorrent practice needs to be banned in all US States.

Length: 2:53


Changing institutionalized attitudes to predators.  

Moving from killing predators to ranching with predators.  

Assessing the impacts of lethal control.  

The ongoing fight for the ASM first resolution.  

The coyote’s biological response to control attempts.  

Are wolves protected as Endangered Species Act in CA?

An agency to resolve human wildlife conflicts.  

Authority exaggerates assumptions, not evidence.  

An agency for killing wild animals?

Just doing the job of killing animals?

Dogs tear animals apart for sport? Warning: Graphic content.

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