Watch Project Coyote’s new exposé about wildlife killing contests, which are events wherein contestants win prizes and awards for killing the most or largest of a given species.

Targeted animals include coyotes, foxes, wolves, bobcats, prairie dogs, crows and even rattlesnakes. Interviews with prominent social and ecological scientists, ranchers, hunters, public officials and Native Americans disprove the claims used to perpetuate these killing contests.

The film also highlights a successful model of grassroots campaigning that led to California prohibiting prizes and other inducements for killing coyotes, bobcats, foxes and other wildlife as part of a contest, derby or tournament.

Length: 1:00



Peter Coyote talks about wildlife killing contests.

New exposé about wildlife killing contests.

A message from Lucy McKay.

A film to raise awareness and to inspire action.

Challenges to conservation; past, present and future

Beneficial or barbaric? Exposing killing contests.

You have a voice. It’s time to use it.  

Effects of indiscriminate reduction of predator population.  

Asking the simplest question? Is there a good reason to kill?

Establish a burden of proof for killing.  

Camilla speaks about wildlife killing contests.

A contest with the aim of killing predators?

An exercise in cruelty?  

Predators have been self-regulating for centuries.

Random and indiscriminate. What drives killing contests?  

First we seek change in California, then the nation.  

Non-selective techniques of property protection.

There is a hidden war on wildlife.

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