Peter Coyote talks about wildlife killing contests.

New exposé about wildlife killing contests.

A message from Lucy McKay.

A film to raise awareness and to inspire action.

Challenges to conservation; past, present and future

Beneficial or barbaric? Exposing killing contests.

You have a voice. It’s time to use it.  

Effects of indiscriminate reduction of predator population.  

Asking the simplest question? Is there a good reason to kill?

Establish a burden of proof for killing.  

Camilla speaks about wildlife killing contests.

A contest with the aim of killing predators?

An exercise in cruelty?  

Predators have been self-regulating for centuries.

Random and indiscriminate. What drives killing contests?  

First we seek change in California, then the nation.  

Non-selective techniques of property protection.

There is a hidden war on wildlife.

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