Artwork and Photography of Virginia Maria Romero:
From Virginia Maria Romero: As an artist who is deeply concerned about protecting wildlife, I strive to make sure that my art helps to educate and motivate people to protect nature.


Through Artists for Wild Nature, Project Coyote partners with artists raising awareness of and appreciation for coyotes and other keystone predators, including their role in sustaining resilient ecosystems. We believe artists have the potential to be instrumental in shifting attitudes, evoking emotion, engaging the senses, and deepening the connection to Wild Nature through mediums, including photography, video, music, poetry/writing, and other visual arts. A catalyst for meaningful change, the power of art lies in its ability to transcend and inspire and to guide us past established realities and prevailing ideologies.

Actor, conservationist, ordained Zen Buddhist priest and Project Coyote Advisory Board member Peter Coyote helps guide Artists for Wild Nature. Read Peter’s open letter to artists here.

Photography by Jen MaHarry:

Jennifer MaHarry is a Los Angeles-based photographer and art director whose fine art animal photography has raised thousands of dollars for environmental causes through the award-winning G2 Gallery on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, CA. A six year, ongoing solo exhibit of her work continues to run at The G2 today.


Peter Coyote is a proud advisory board member of Project Coyote. Discover why Project Coyote exists and what you can do to protect the environment.

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