Project Coyote’s “Keeping It Wild” educates young people about predators and coexistence, fosters respect and compassion for wildlife, and contributes to students’ environmental and scientific literacy.

We believe that informed, inspired and empowered students will act on behalf of animals and the environment.

Our education program teaches students that they can make a difference. By learning about apex predators, students begin to understand broader issues including the interconnectedness of ecosystems, community and public health and the increasing scarcity of natural resources. Students also learn to ask meaningful questions and conduct careful investigations.

Keeping It Wild fosters awareness, knowledge and respect for nature, wildlife, and biodiversity while inspiring a restorative relationship with nature. We provide educators with the tools to teach about the important role that apex predators play. For example, the coyote’s presence in urban environments provides a natural opportunity to reach urban youth and to connect them with the environment in which they live.

We provide a flexible instructor-guided and youth-driven model. Students are guided to identify problems that they care about and to take action locally. Our program helps students design their own community service projects to make positive change a reality.

A group of young activists came to testify at the California Fish & Game Commission hearing on bobcat trapping. Watch the video here

An Interview With Brooke And Sabrina Sahanaja. Watch the video here


Commission hears from the future of conservation.

Eradicating predators has been a critical error. How did it happen?

How do youth define the environment and their role in it?

Find where your gifts met the world’s needs.  

Critical education is required for future conservation.  

Engaging youth for the future.  

Having empathy for animals.  

Making a connection with nature.

Keeping it wild in Napa, CA.

a special visit from brooke and sabrina

A Special Visit From Brooke & Sabrina

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