Why Killing Coyotes is Counterproductive

Why Killing Coyotes is Counterproductive.

Killing coyotes that are NOT causing problems can cause problems.

Coyotes and other carnivores prey on species like rabbits and mice that compete with livestock for forage. These wild herbivores are robustly prolific and humans are not capable of ‘controlling’ them. It falls to native carnivores to keep their numbers in check. Coyotes offer damage control for free.

Jackrabbits compete for forage with sheep and cattle. Coyotes help keep the jackrabbit population under control. ~http://aces.nmsu.edu/pubs/_l/L-210.pdf

By consuming rabbits and rodent micro-herbivores, coyotes help the ranch bottom line.

“If the coyote removal is practiced year-round, micro-herbivore populations may potentially increase; increased competition for forage with livestock may result. Consequently, a reduced stockingrate then may be required to offset competition (with rabbits and rodents).” ~Scott Henke 1995 “Effects of Coyote Control on their Prey: A Review” Wildlife Research Institute, Texas A&M University

Single-value management is gone.

“If there is one lesson that comes through strongly in the tortured history of predator control—and all resource management, for that matter—it is that the day of single-value management is gone. To hikers, campers, back-packers, and numerous groups of nature lovers, they (predatory animals) are as much a part of the variety and beauty of the American outdoors as pine trees, lakes, red squirrels, and deer.”
~Frederic H. Wagner. January 1975. Journal of Range Management

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