KILLING GAMES: Wildlife in the Crosshairs

On any given weekend, some of America’s most iconic wild animals are massacred in wildlife killing contests. Bloodied bodies are weighed and stacked like cords of wood, and prizes are awarded to the “hunters” who kill the largest or the most of a targeted species. Coyotes, bobcats, wolves and foxes are common victims of these contests; children as young as 10 are encouraged to participate. Fueled by anti-predator bias, these legally sanctioned but relatively unknown contests are cruel and foster ignorance about the critical role apex predators play in maintaining healthy ecosystems. These contests occur on both public and private lands in almost every state except California — where killing predators for prizes has been outlawed. In KILLING GAMES, a groundbreaking exposé, actor, conservationist and Project Coyote Advisory Board Member Peter Coyote — with environmentalists, ranchers, public officials and Native Americans — brings these shadowy contests to light and speaks out against this hidden war on wildlife. Project Coyote’s KILLING GAMES inspires viewers to call on their state and local legislators to bring an end to these brutal contests where wild animals become living targets. More information.

American Coyote — Still Wild at Heart
(30 minutes, Color, 2008)

This compelling documentary produced and directed by San-Francisco based filmmaker, Melissa Peabody, founder of Living World Films, is a virtual case study of the coyote’s natural range expansion continent-wide. While the film unfolds with the return of coyotes to the San Francisco Bay area, it pursues the coyote’s story across the North American landscape —from Northern California to New York City’s Central Park to Chicago, and points in between. Through interviews with coyote researchers, ecologists, and experts,- including Project Coyote Founding Director, Camilla Fox — viewers learn about the remarkable adaptability and intelligence of this successful native carnivore and the challenges and opportunities coyotes provide to both urban and rural communities.

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Cull of the Wild: The Truth Behind Trapping
(includes both a 27 min. and 10 min. version, Color, 2002)

Produced by Project Coyote founding director, Camilla Fox, in partnership with 21st Paradigm, CULL OF THE WILD: The Truth Behind Trapping, exposes the inherent cruelty of body-gripping traps and snares and challenges the claim that trapping with non-selective traps is an effective wildlife management tool. Featuring new and archival footage and exclusive interviews with trappers, biologists, veterinarians, members of Congress, and wildlife advocates, CULL OF THE WILD educates viewers about the effects of trapping on wildlife and presents a stark picture of the realities of the fur trade and of federal predator control trapping programs. More information.

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The Secret Life of Mountain Lions
(6 minutes, Color, 2016)

You are invited to a preview of The Secret Life of Mountain Lions (World Premiere of full video is March, 2016). Narrated by Chris Morgan (PBS, BBC, National Geographic), this video contains extraordinary footage captured with motion triggered cameras from Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project. For more information about Mountain Lions visit the website. Share the Secret!

Medicine of the Wolf
(75 minutes, Color, 2015)

Travel into wolf country to pursue the intrinsic value of brother wolf and our forgotten promise to him.

Featuring;captivating footage and testimony from World-renowned;Wildlife photographer, Jim Brandenburg.

In this beautiful and important documentary, filmmaker Julia Huffman travels to Minnesota and into wolf country to pursue the deep intrinsic value of perhaps the most unjustly maligned animal on the face of the planet. Medicine of the Wolf centers on the remarkable, world-renowned environmentalist and National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg, who has photographed and studied wolves for 45 years—longer than anyone in history. As our guide, Brandenburg enables us to see the world of the wolf as we have never seen it before. The film also has a crucial message for us: The gray wolf must be preserved on the endangered species list.

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(32 minutes, Color, 2013)

In this award-winning film that Jane Goodall wants millions to see, three former federal agents and a Congressman blow the whistle on Wildlife Services–a barbaric, wasteful and misnamed agency within the USDA most Americans have never heard of–and expose the government’s secret war on wildlife on the taxpayer’s dime.

Wildlife Services has been having their way for almost a century, killing millions of wild animals each year, as well as maiming, poisoning, and brutalizing countless pets. They have also seriously harmed more than a few humans. They apparently thought they were going to continue getting away with it. But with your help, we’re not going to let them. Learn more and support our efforts to end America’s war on wildlife here.

EXPOSED won the award for Best Wildlife Activism at the 2014 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York, the premier wildlife film festival in North America. It also won the award for Best Short Film at the Animal Film Festival in Grass Valley, CA, in February 2015.


Wild Things

Many ranchers are rejecting the old practice of killing large carnivores to protect livestock. Instead, they are increasingly using new technology and old methods of animal husbandry to coexist with carnivores.

Native carnivores bring balance to the landscape and keep ecosystems healthy. But they can also be seen as a threat to livestock, and for decades government trappers have killed them in large numbers. The U.S.D.A.’s Wildlife Services program kills tens of thousands of native carnivores annually, often at the demand of the ranching industry. It is a battle against nature that is costly, brutal, and not very effective. Does the battle really need to be fought? WILD THINGS introduces audiences to progressive ranchers learning to coexist with these animals and features scientists, conservationists and even former Wildlife Services trappers, who believe it is time for a major change in the way we treat our magnificent native carnivores.

Find out more here.



Lords of Nature
(60 minutes, Color, 2013)

Top predators may hold a key to life itself.

Can people and predators coexist? Can we afford not to?

Birds, butterflies, beaver and antelope, wildflowers and frogs — could their survival possibly be connected to top predators like the wolf and cougar? Narrated by Peter Coyote, Green Fire Productions has created a captivating documentary that goes behind the scenes with leading scientists to explore the role top predators play in restoring and maintaining ecosystems and biodiversity.


The Imperiled American Wolf
(9 minutes, Color, 2012)

America’s gray wolves were rescued from the brink of extinction over 35 years ago when they gained federal protection under the Endangered Species Act. But these majestic animals have been under attack since April 2011, when President Obama removed them from the endangered species list and turned management over to state wildlife agencies.

By April 2015 over 3,600 wolves had been senselessly slaughtered by sport hunters and trappers in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota and Wisconsin. This “kill tally” does not include the scores of wolves slaughtered by federal and state predator control programs.

Predator Defense’s film, “The Imperiled American Wolf,” explains the reasons wolves cannot be successfully managed by state wildlife agencies: not only do their methods ignore the core biology of how wolves hunt and breed, but their funding depends on hunting and trapping fees. In fact, current wolf management may actually lead to wolves’ demise. Predator Defense and this film make a bold call for federal relisting of these important apex predators as endangered species.

The war being waged against wolves is senseless and tragic, and it is up to all of us to speak out now on their behalf. Learn more here and here.

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