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ACTION ALERT: Help Stop Idaho Wolf/Predator Killing “Derby”

Despite major push back from organizations that defend wildlife killing contests, including Safari Club International and the National Rifle Association, our petition to ban the unethical slaughter continues to move forward. The public will have another opportunity to weigh in on this important issue at the upcoming Commission meeting on October 8th in Mount Shasta.

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ACTION ALERT: Help Protect Wildlife in New Mexico!

As the New Mexico Representative for Project Coyote, I’m excited to announce we are joining Trap Free New Mexico – a coalition of citizens, conservation organizations and animal welfare groups who oppose the cruel, damaging, and dangerous practice of trapping in New Mexico.

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ACTION ALERT: Speak Out Against Delisting Wolves

A review by an independent panel of scientists determined unanimously that the U.S. government’s proposal to remove the gray wolf from the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife is based on unproven claims about their genetics and not on the best available science.

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ACTION ALERT: Help Ban Coyote & Fox Penning in Virginia

Penning, the practice of confining coyotes and foxes in fenced enclosures and exposing them to mauling by packs of dogs for “sport” and “entertainment,” is a cruel and vicious practice that is, unfortunately, prevalent in states like Virginia. Foxes and coyotes suffer horribly and die in the pens- literally torn apart.

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