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Indiana Natural Resources Commission SUPPORTS BAN on coyote & fox penning!

Formal Rulemaking Process Commences


Good news! On March 16, 2010 the Indiana Natural Resources Commission (NRC) voted unanimously to move forward with formal rulemaking to prohibit coyote and fox “penning.” This practice involves the live trapping of wild coyotes and foxes who are then traded and sold to facilities that operate penning facilities for the purpose of allowing packs of hounds to pursue the captive animals- domestic canines pitted against their wild cousins.

Your letters and emails made the difference! The Commission received thousands of letters, emails, and petitions from across the globe in support of citizen petitions calling for a ban on this practice. At the NRC’s direction, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) conducted a comprehensive review of penning stating, “the DNR is recommending that the NRC not allow an individual to chase or kill a coyote or fox in an enclosure with the use or aid of dogs.”

PHOTO: Trish Carney - wwwtrishcarney.com

This is a huge step forward and the result of continued pressure from both national and local grassroots organizations. BUT this is far from a done deal! While this vote kick starts the formal rulemaking process, we know that those in favor of penning will do all they can to ensure that this practice continues unabated. The DNR will propose rule amendment language at their May 18th meeting and we hope grant preliminary adoption of the rule outlawing coyote and fox penning statewide. Once that draft rule is proposed, citizen letters in support of the rule will be needed. So stay tuned, bookmark our website, check back after May 18th and please know that your voice and letters make a difference!

If you live in Indiana, please consider attending and testifying at the Commission hearing on May 18th in Indianapolis where the DNR will present draft rules to the Commission regarding penning which will kick-start the formal rulemaking process. We need a good showing at this hearing and for people to testify in support of a permanent ban on penning statewide! Details:

Date: May 18th Time: 9am CDT
Place: Fort Harrison State Park Inn - the Roosevelt Room, Indianapolis, Indiana
More info: www.in.gov./nrc/2350.htm

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