For Immediate Release, June 2, 2014

Town of Superior, CO & Project Coyote Launch Model Coyote Coexistence Plan
Plan Promotes Coexistence, Education & Appreciation for America’s Native Song Dog

Superior, CO – Today the town of Superior, Colorado and the national non-profit organization, Project Coyote announced the launch of a model Coyote Coexistence Plan that fosters human-coyote coexistence in a suburban context. The progressive plan was developed by Project Coyote and tailored for the town of Superior, a suburb of Denver with approximately 12,500 residents.

The plan is based on science and current best practices and includes the following key components:

  • All management decisions are based on a thorough understanding of the biology and ecology of coyotes
  • Proactive and ongoing community education and outreach
  • Tiered behavioral modification of both people and coyotes
  • Emphasis on proactive preventive practices

“We are thrilled to partner with Project Coyote in promoting peaceful coexistence with coyotes and our wild neighbors,” said Patrick Hammer, for the Town of Superior. “Project Coyote’s Coyote Coexistence Plan provides not only guidance for our community in addressing how we live with wildlife, but also consistency in messaging and response which is so important. This plan serves as a model for the nation and we’re proud to be the first to adopt it in Colorado.”

“The Town of Superior is a trend-setter when it comes to advocating coexistence with urban wildlife,” said Ashely DeLaup, Project Coyote’s Colorado Representative. “We share our rural and urban landscapes with coyotes and this necessitates understanding how to reduce negative encounters.”

As part of the partnership, Project Coyote provides coyote related programming at Town events throughout the year. Join Ashley at National Trails Day, Saturday June 7th at the Coalton Trailhead (intersection of Coalton and McCaslin) at 10am.

Coyotes are native to Colorado and are one of the most adaptable and resilient native carnivores in North America. They are a healthy component of both rural and urban communities and serve a vital ecological role in helping to reduce rodent populations and maintain bird species diversity and abundance by limiting mesocarnivore populations (e.g. foxes, raccoons, skunks, etc.). Revered as North America’s native Song Dog by many Native American tribes, the call of the coyote can be heard in every U.S. state except Hawaii.


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