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Speak Out Against the Georgia Coyote Challenge

Yesterday marked the opening day of the Georgia Coyote Challenge, a coyote killing contest implemented by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (“DNR”) to “encourage the taking of coyotes from March to August.” As pointed out in Project Coyote’s science letter to the Governor and the DNR, signed by eighteen of our Science Advisory Board members, this state-sanctioned kill fest is “nothing more than a wildlife killing contest (WKC), tempting participants to kill coyotes for a chance to win a lifetime hunting license.”

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California Wildlife Needs You Now!

Your voice is needed to compel the California Fish and Game Commission (Commission) to comply with state law regarding trapping fees and to help protect wolves in California from night-hunting and indiscriminate traps!

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Protect Wolves

Project Coyote and the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) have petitioned the California Fish and Game Commission to better protect wolves recolonizing California from night-hunting and lethal trapping.

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Dear Friend of Wildlife, The bobcat is the most widespread wildcat in North America. But by the 1980s their numbers throughout New England had dwindled due to bounties, hunting and trapping. In 1989, the bobcat became a fully protected species in New Hampshire. In...

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